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  • Lean Coffee: Tuesday 11 June 2024 4pm CEST (online, free)
  • Open Space: Saturday 21 September 2024 10am CET (online, free)

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What is FroGS Conf?

Friends of Good Software Conference (FroGS Conf) is an online unconference and lean coffee. It's a participant-driven meeting for and by people with an interest in software and quality. The organizers provide a basic structure; the rest is up to all of us, the participants.

We host two unconferences and two lean coffees each year. If you're curious about past editions and organizers, visit our Previous editions page.

How can I support FroGS Conf?

By participating in one of our events! Or even better by bringing a topic to an event.

We're also accepting donations at Ko-fi. The money will go towards the cost of mailing out FroGS stickers and paying for our online tools.

I can't make it this time! What do you recommend?

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