Friends of Good Software
- Virtual Edition -
Friday 3 September (evening) and
Saturday 4 September 2021

What is FroGS conf?

FroGS conf, or "Friends of Good Software conference" in full, is an unconference. It's a participant-driven meeting for and by people with an interest in quality and software. The organizers provide a basic structure; the rest is up to all of us, the participants.

When is it?

Friday 3 September 2021 in the evening (lean coffee, tools orientation, social hangout)
Saturday 4 September 2021 (unconference)

You can find the schedule here.

How can I register?

If you wish to attend, please register here. This virtual edition is free.

Code of Conduct: the short version

We want FroGS conf to be a welcoming and safe space, where everyone can participate.

The short version: Be a respectful human person. Let other people be themselves. Do not ruin anyone else’s experience. Keep an open mind. If you see or experience something unacceptable, respectfully ask for it to stop. The FroGS conf organizers will support you.

Read our full Code of Conduct here.

What can you expect?

Conferring & collaborating with people passionate about quality and software!

Meet inspiring people

Meet other brilliant and passionate minds. Get inspired. Connect and expand your network.

Join hands-on sessions & group discussions

Collect new ideas about quality and working in IT. Discuss and try out new techniques. Fill your mind with ideas, practices, and activities you can try out in your teams back at work.

Facilitate or participate in workshops and conversations

Discuss your problems or share your new ideas. Get feedback from others. Maybe you did some research you are enthusiastic about? Let other people know!

Learn & work together

Learn new skills by collaborating, pairing or ensembling with others.

FroGS conference team

Huib Schoots

Joep Schuurkes

Cirilo Wortel

Elizabeth Zagroba